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Professional Облепиховый Шампунь Максимальный Объем
Natura Siberica
3,400 ֏
for all hair types
• gives hair incredible volume from its roots
• nourishes and fills hair with essential moisture
• makes hair thicker and more elastic
Gives hair maximum volume, shine and thickness, and protects it from heat exposure during hot hair styling. Revives and lifts hair from the roots without weighing it. Vitamins and amino-acids in shampoo formula nourish and repair hair. After using shampoo hair obtains exciting beauty and breathtakingly volume. Altai sea-buckthorn, Moroccan argan and white Siberian flax seeds oils promote keratin formation, which provides hair with strength and shine. Nettle and rosa davurica keep moisture deep in hair structure.
0% SLS 0% SLES 0% mineral oils 0% PEG 0% parabens 0% Glycols

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