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How to make an order
Order can make both registered and unregistered users. You just need to click on "Add to Cart" on the page of the selected product, selecting beforehand the quantity of appropriate product, color, volume, etc. You can add an unlimited number of goods and services to your cart. The number indicated next to the image of the cart, will show you the amount of goods and services. After the selection, go to your shopping cart by clicking on the cart image, check the amount of your purchases, parameters such as size, color, etc. In addition, you must specify a shipping method and fill in the delivery details on the page of shopping cart, select one of several methods of payment and click "Make an order" button. Our staff will contact you to confirm your order and delivery.
Payment method
In Maryparfum- payment can be made by three ways: online, by cash or via Idram application.
Online payments are made via Visa, MasterCard and ArCa payment systems. The owners of ARCA, Virtual ARCA, Visa and Master Card are served.
Cash payments are made at the time of delivery in AMD.
Cash payments in US dollars or in other foreign currencies are not accepted because it contradicts the law of RA. Rates on our website are final and include all taxes.
Order status and history
After logging in, on your personal page you can track history of your order or to see the date of a particular order, status ("given to collection ", "shipping is begun ", " delivered " etc. ), as well as the price of the basket.:

Terms Of Use

Welcome to "Maryparfum". On website, you agree with the following terms and conditions of use. You agree that you understand and accept the conditions below and that you alone are responsible for reviewing these terms and conditions. "Maryparfum" may at any time update these conditions at its discretion. Services used by you are governed by the Terms of Service, set or changed during website usage.
You also agree not to use the website or services of "Maryparfum" to post or transmit illegal, defamatory, abusive, obscene or threatening materials.
Logo "Mary", the name of our company, as well as available on the website trademarks,  marks and logos of services (further the Signs) belong to "Maryparfume" and are the property of the company "BARSIS" LLC or licensed by it and are protected by the legislation of the Republic of Armenia.
We do not guarantee continuous, uninterrupted or secure access to our services. The work of our website may be interrupted because of numerous factors beyond our control. You and "Maryparfum" agree that in case of a dispute over the conditions or services, the parties should take all measures to resolve the conflict amicably, through negotiations. Otherwise, such disputes should be resolved in accordance with the current legislation of the Republic of Armenia.
Registration and Use Restrictions
Our website is intended only for persons who have reached the age of majority. Children under age are not allowed to use the website without the control of a parent or guardian. You guarantee that the information provided by you during registration or after, are accurate and complete. We ask children not to provide personal information, including email address, name and / or contact information.
Termination or limitation of services
You accept and agree that  "Maryparfum"  time to time may place a limitation on the use of services. You accept and agree that "Maryparfum", has the right (but not obligate) in its discretion to delete or close your account, block your email or IP address. Or by any other way to limit your access to the Service (or any part of it), immediately and without prior notice, when "Maryparfum" believes that you do not comply with these terms and conditions. You will be required to agree to stint yourself in the use of services.
Restriction of liability
You accept and agree that "Maryparfum" is not responsible for your communication with individuals and / or companies that are detected with the help of website or the services provided.
During a dispute between users of the site, as well as between the user and the third part, you understand and agree that "Maryparfum" is not responsible for taking part in this dispute.
Privacy policy
On the website, on the information we gather, the terms of confidentiality are extended. Using the website and our services, you agree with the terms of confidentiality regarding your personal information. You represent and guarantee that all information you provide is true.
These terms of confidentiality provide descriptions of the use of your information.

We may collect and save the following personal information:

  • E-mail address, name, surname and telephone number.
  • Bank details, if the order was paid by bank transfer. We do not have any information (credit or debit) of your payment card, as on-line payments are made exclusively through the payment system Arca and PayPal.
  • The history of your purchases, the list of selected products, and etc.
  • Address (es) to deliver, additional information for the delivery.
  • Correspondence between us (including website and emails).

You agree that we may use your personal information for the following:

• In the provision of help and services.

• When measuring and improving our services, content and advertising.

• When transmitting and verifying the information through call or email during non-standard situations.

• Confirmation of the order, incorrectly filled fields, responding the questions sent by you and other e-mails (ex: promotional offers if you are subscribed to our Mailing List).

The information you provide is completely confidential and can not be transferred to third part.

Your password is the access to your account. When choosing a password, use a unique combination of numbers, letters and special characters. If you gave your password of to someone else, then you are responsible for all activities that occur under your account. If you have lost the password, you can restore it by clicking on the "Forgot Password" which is located next to the button "Enter".

Processing orders and terms of delivery
Customers can take advantage of our services, with the help of service search available on the website, adding them to the cart. When the selection of required services is completed, the costumer can trespass to ordering, as a result of which the purchase order (the Purchase) is created.
The total amount of the order consists of the cost of all products and delivery placed in the cart. At the time when the customer accepts the terms of delivery  and pay the full cost of the products (or agrees to pay by cash on delivery), the system creates a new purchase order.
Each new purchase, registered and formulated in the system automatically generates a notice field where you can see all the information related to your order, after which it is considered that you are duly notified.
In addition to the notification of new order, the details of the ordered product are specified: description of the product, a list of products, quantity, total cost, shipping cost, payment method, shipping address, shipping time, etc.
After ordering online, our operator will contact you to confirm your order. After receiving the confirmation, the ordered product is considered purchased and you can not decline the order or to refuse it. If, after ordering you remember about other products that you have to order, then you should make a new purchase order.
When the goods are ready to delivery, the delivery is carried out at the indicated address. If you want to receive goods in two different addresses, you need to make two separate orders.
Accepting the delivery of the order, the recipient must sign the receipt, which confirm that the customer has accepted the goods.
Terms and methods of payment
The following conditions govern the relations associated with the products, services, or buying and selling services, which are available on the website www., offered by the «Barsis» LLC. By placing orders and using the services on the website, you accept and agree to the rules of payment, which is an integral part of the terms of use.
  When online shopping the payment can be made in several ways:
1. Online payments. Online payment is made through online payment systems Arca (Master, Visa, Arca). If you are already registered in the system, then after selecting the appropriate option and confirmation of the order you will passed to the site of the system, where you will need to enter your username and password and make the payment. If you are not a user of the system, you can register here.

2. By cash. This means that you can pay by cash upon receiving the order. Deliveryman will provide the ordered package with a check or a tax account. When choosing the system on the website, you need to specify whether you will need odd money. If the customer offers to pay later or refuses to pay, the deliveryman has the right to take the delivered goods back.

3. By card upon receiving the order. If you choose this option, our deliveryman will bring a POS terminal, and you can pay by card at the site and get the corresponding check.

4.   Bank transfer. The customer agrees to pay a deposit in the amount of 100%. After you select this option you will see our bank account to which you need to transfer money. Payments in US dollars or in other foreign currencies are not accepted. Rates on our website are final and include all taxes.

Process of replacement of goods 
If goods of improper quality have been sold to a costumer and if that kind of product has a production or manufacturing defects, and the seller has not established preconditions of its defects or the delivery item doesn’t correspond to the picture and/or description on website, so the costumer has right to demand to replace it with a similar product or with another one (model, brand) in compliance with recalculation of the purchase price.
The requirements of costumer shall discussed and the goods of improper quality shall replaced, where the mentioned goods have not been used, their marketable appearance, consumer properties, labels, as well as the sales or cash register check provided to the consumer with the sold goods are preserved.
In all cases, the customer must check the goods on-site of delivery before deliveryman. If the buyer receives the goods, and then there appears a problem with the purchased product, maryparfume does not responsible for it.
In other cases, according to Resolution N77 from 30.01.2002 of the Government of RA "On approving the list of non-food products, not to be exchanged for similar goods" sold perfume and beauty products are not subject to exchange.
Other conditions
These terms and conditions, privacy policy and other terms and conditions posted on the website, establish an agreement between you and «Maryparfum», and also settle all written and oral agreements, proposals, negotiations and discussions between all the parties mentioned above. Terms of the contract are made in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Armenia.
These terms of use are made in Armenian, Russian and English languages, which have the same legal force. In case of discrepancy between the Armenian, Russian and English preference is given to the Armenian language.