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How to: GLOW OBSESSION | Giorgio Forgani & PUPA Milano




10 people whose names knows the whole world, but not everyone recognize them in their faces

If you are not interested in fashion, then you can go  through big shopping centers, and notice stores such as Jeanne Lanvin, Tom Ford or Jimmy Choo. But only a few people know how these famous fashion designers are look like. And it's often surprising that they're not as fashionable as people who wear clothes from their collections.


1. Jimmy Choo 70years old.jim


2. Luciano Benetton 83years old.ben


 3. Carolina Herrera 80years


4. Paco Rabanne 85years old.pac


5. Elie Saab 55years old.sab


6. Jeanne Lanvin 1867-1946.jan


7. Tom Ford 57years old.tom


 8. Ermenegildo Zegna 1920-1966zeg


9. Narciso Rodriguez 58years old.nar


 10. Hugo Boss 1885-1948bos




Discover the secrets of beauty with the Italian famous and popular brand Pupa Milano

Pupa Milano ... Look luxurious and perfect every day ...



Makeup In The Big City: Autumn 2017 Main Trends



Spring/ Summer 2017 Nail Trends

Every year, the nails on the runways astound us, and the spring/ summer 2017 nails are no different. It is incredible how such a small canvas can lend itself to so much creativity, and how big of an impact it can have on the whole outfit. The spring/ summer 2017 nail  trends  are all about playing with expectations, whether by playing with bare nails or going all out with designs.

1. Short & Rounded – We saw a lot of shorter nails on the runways this season. Maybe it’s a representation of the fashion world’s shift towards androgyny, or perhaps it’s simply a question of ease of maintenance. Either way, short nails can be cute, and there are a ton of nail polish options for them.2. Oval – Oval nails will always be in style, because their shape is elegant yet practical. They are long enough to allow manicurists to get a little wilder with their designs, but because they are not too long the nail never looks over the top.3. Almond – Most nail artists opted for natural nail lengths, but a few broke the theme, and went all out with long press on nails. However, even with the off the rail nail designs at Libertine, the shape of the long nails was kept almond, rather than the more extreme stiletto nail shape.



              A French Red Lip with a twist by Lisa Eldridge with Lancôme 



How to apply the new Pupa Mascara Vamp! Extreme



A real story of life: Jeanne Lanvin 



Spring  MakeUp Trands  with Maybelline NY



10 Things That Never Go Out Of Style



Chic bohemian bridal makeup tutorial by Lisa Eldridge with Lancôme




Ash Blond and delicate pink dress / Master-class from Préférence and Evelina Khromchenko




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Party Look With Artdeco



The Evolution Of Women's Makeup Throughout History



Morning Rush? Look good quickly with Lisa Eldridge



My life is a play

Salvatore Ferragamo  presents a little film about Signorina.



                                  Never Without Concealer                                                                                                                                      Pupa International Make up Artist Giorgio Forgani told why it is so important to use concealer.  



St. Valentine's day  with Maybelline NY



History of Mascara



Master Class with L'Oreal Paris: Red lipstick - how to find  and  apply  your perfect  shade ?



Classical Business Make Up With Make Up Factory



The Secret Life of Plankton

A pioneer in skin biology since discovering the healing benefits of Life PLanktonTM in 1952, Biotherm uses the incredible force of these aquatic ingredients in advanced skincare solutions. And Biotherm's advertising slogan is   "Beauty From The Deep".




 Stylish  eye  makeup  by  Lena Temnikova.



READY4SELFIE ???                            



Rivage  & The Dead Sea

The Dead Sea, one of the most amazing reservoirs of the planet. It is located in Jordan and is known for its healing properties since the time of Cleopatra. Rivage Company presents products from the Dead Sea, which will make your skin healthy and radiant. Despite its name, in fact, the Dead Sea has a living beauty.



A Daily Skincare Routine: Beautiful Skin in Under 3 Minutes




Master class by Préférence & Evelina Khromchenko




 Halloween makeup: Parisian cabaret by Lisa Eldridge 



Powerful or cool? Biotherm Homme x David Beckham

French luxury skincare brand Biotherm Homme has announced a partnership with soccer icon David Beckham for a new grooming collection.He told what does it mean to be a gentleman.       



 All Day Makeup

In the new series of   ''Makeup In The Big City''  Jura Stolyarov and Masha Ivakova reveal the secrets of  the long lasting makeup for the whole day.




  Discover the Radical Nude look by Ysl beauty.



 How to apply foundation with a brush 

Foundation - a means of decorative cosmetics, used to smooth out irregularities, masking defects of the skin (wrinkles, dark circles under eyes, sunspots, age spots, pimples, scars). Make-up artists also used to correct features of the face and create the ideal image. For the application of foundation is very important and correct choice of brush from reliance.





BRONZE FEVER is the new, sophisticated make-up collection for this coming summer of 2016. Elegance, glamour, and a touch of natural brightness are the main characteristics of a make-up look that can enhance your suntan and make it look even more precious. 




 How to easily create a feline flick using the ultimate Lancôme Liner by Lisa Eldridge

Eyeliner - universal cosmetic product, relevant at all times. Create a deep attractive view, enhance the beauty of the eyes and adjust the shape of the strength not only professional makeup artists, but also of any modern woman.











Vamp! eyeshadows range

In the new Vamp! Compact Eyeshadow product range some of the colors have a matt finish.

Make-up Result 

Eyeshadows with a matt finish produce an opaque make-up result.
They are generally a bit difficult to blend and the risk for less expert hands is to create that unpleasant “panda” effect on the eyes.
Matt eyeshadows of the Vamp! Compact Eyeshadow range contains a very small percentage of ultra fine pearls,  that make it very easy to apply and blend.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Make-up tips

 Matt eyeshadows are perfect

1. to optically correct small blemishes on the eyelid; they set the gaze off without emphasizing minor imperfections such as small wrinkles and expression lines.  
2. to create the make-up structure: 
light shades create the perfect base for a natural eye make-up result; 
medium-dark colors are ideal to create a shading in the crease and to give the eyes a fresh look;
dark shades help create intense make-up effects.




Correcting make-up for lower eyelids by  L’Oreal Paris





Hair coloring barely with Casting Creme Gloss (for hair , colored at least 3 months ago)




Correcting make-up Smoky Eyes by L'Oréal Paris




How to draw arrows on the eyes (Video) ?





Correct Way To Apply Makeup

Right makeup-minus 10 years of your age

Make-up performes miricles with woman face, its able not  only to change woman’s image and style , but also the age. The right and successful makeup can give you at least five years younger look, but in case of wrong makeup you can have a look of woman, several times older than you. Today we will acquire the ten important but very simple and easy tricks, which will help you to have fresh and younger look.

 1.Choose pink shade of tone cream

              While chosing tone cream, stop on pink shade of it, if you want to give your skin fresher and younger look. Today the majority of most demanded tone creams are sand or flesh colors, but if you set a goal to look younger, choose the cream of pink shade which will absolutely help your face to look fresher. Of course like in case of every color in this case also the tone cream must be near to your face as much as possible.

2.Thick eyebrows

 It’s a proved axiom that thin eyebrows increase the woman age, and the thick ones make her look younger. If the nature doesn’t give you thick and plentiful eyebrows, so make them with the help of makeup not forgetting about right selection of size and color.

  3.Choose pink rouge for cheekbones

 The rouge for cheekbones is really a miracle means. It is able to make you younger for ten years if you use a right color, but in case of wrong color you fresh and younger look can “go to the dogs”. While choosing rouge for cheekbones decline red shades.  Preferably are apricot color and all shades of soft pink. Use the rouge only on round parts of cheeks.

 4. Make stress on your eyelashes

Thick eyelashes help to open your eyes widely and make your look more significant.  Eyelashes become thin with the years and lose their splendour and with the help of mascara we create required volume. In this case it’s very important to find the mascara which will correspond to your eyelashes. Another very important tool is curler. With the help of this tool you can give a volume to your eyelashes and mascara will fix the result. 

 5. Avoid any kind of arrows 

Arrows are perfect for sure, but they slightly increase the age. Avoid arrows and use soft eyeshade instead of them only near eyelashes and the corners of eyelids. Do that and you will see that this makeup will give you younger and fresh look.

  6.Lip shine 

 Though today not brilliant lipsticks are in fashion, lip shines with wet effect are the only means that takes off several years from your age. The fact is that lip shine can fill the unevenness of your lips and visually make them even and rich, though hard lipstick doesn’t have such feature.

   7. Avoid the powder 

 To start with that pale and dull face color is not in fashion. Powder has a feature to stress even minor wrinkles. So to remove grease from face use dry, clean napkins which will remove the grease and sweat without bed effects.

              8. Moistening cream under eyes before starting makeup


We do these in order the tone cream or consilier will not stress the little wrinkles around eyes.

9. Use light reflecting consilier under the eyes 

It will help you to hide shadows and the dark color under the eyes. 

 It will help you to hide shadows and the dark color under the eyes.

10. Only and solely use eyeshades of light color, and only near eyelids.


 Unfortunately “the smoky eyes” so loved by Armenian girls only increase your age. After 35 you should be very careful with that style. So the eyeshades of light color will only give freshness to your face, but don’t forget-no luster.