The Trussardi Group started out in Bergamo in 1911 as a workshop producing and distributing luxury gloves. The company founded by Dante Trussardi became one of the most successful businesses in the global accessories market, so much so that it was appointed official supplier to the British royal family. In the ’60s, Nicola Trussardi took traditional leather goods production to another level, combining quality materials with cutting-edge design and research into leatherworking. In 1973, Trussardi was the first fashion house to adopt one symbol to identify all its products: the greyhound, representing agility and dynamism. In 1976, the first Trussardi boutique opened on Via Sant'Andrea in Milan. The revolution continued in the ’80s. Trussardi launched the ready-to-wear collection and collaborated with some of the most prestigious Italian brands such as Alitalia, Garelli, Agusta and Alfa Romeo, helping to consolidate its reputation as a company synonymous with truly authentic Italian style. The first half of the decade in particular marked a new chapter in the history of the brand and fashion in general. In 1984, Trussardi moved the fashion show for its autumn/winter women's collection to Piazza del Duomo in Milan, making it the first brand in the world to take fashion away from more “exclusive” locations and open it up to a wider audience by hosting the first fashion shows open to the public. In 1996, Trussardi alla Scala opened in one of Milan's iconic locations. It was the first flagship building in the fashion world to house not only a showroom and boutique but also a space dedicated to the café and a restaurant. The Trussardi Group's creativity has stood the test of time, and been reinvented and updated over the years. When it comes to fashion, design and food, every time Trussardi takes to the stage, it blends the culture and awareness of its history with contemporary vision. The strong tradition that Trussardi has built up over the years has equipped it to offer sensational surprises, swift innovation and small yet daily transformations. The company released its first perfume in 1980, named "Trussardi", followed in 1983 by "Trussardi Uomo" for men. By this time the company had eight fragrances, with about one third of fragrance sales being done in Europe and two-thirds abroad.