Skin Oxygen Cooling Gel

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Antioxidant moisturizer 12H - Clean Glow 50ml Skin Oxygen Cooling Gel is enriched with Chlorella Algae Extract, with detoxifying powers, and anti-pollution active complex. This fresh formula - oil free - reinforces the skin barrier, moisturises intensively stressed skin, helps to reduce sebum and avoids pollution particles adherence. Luminous, your skin stays clean, protected, and breathes all day long.Size: 50ml.
Biotherm  is a French luxury  skin care  company owned by  L'Oréal  under the Luxury Products division. Biotherm was acquired by  L'Oréal  in 1970. Biotherm originated from mineral water. In early 20th century, the French biologist Mme Jeanine Marissal discovered mineral thermal spring waters under  Pyrenees  mountain in the southern part of France which contained thermal  plankton, supposedly a key to healthy skin and a potent skin rejuvenator.[1]  She applied for  intellectual property rights  on this discovery.[citation needed]  In 1952, intellectual property rights was acquired and she used it in skin care products. Thus,  therm  in  Biotherm  comes from  thermal plankton, an ingredient found in all Biotherm products.  Bio  comes from the profession of the founder  biologist

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