The Signature collection was inspired by the variety, character and mystique of precious stones . As colorful as the rainbow and as sparkling as fine leaded crystal, gemstones have captured the imaginations and desires of men and women for ages. They are not stronger than ordinary stones. Nor more enduring. But they have an immeasurable power as each one of them is unique with its own shine and beauty. Just like humans. They attract us with the special, mystical powers they are believed to have. We remember and cherish those, who stand out and have a story to tell. A story about tranquillity. Or passion. Or creativity. Or purity. The story doesn't matter. The important thing is that it is there. It stands out. It allures you to learn more and dig deeper. The true strength of gemstones lies in their personality and the rare beauty it reveals. Just like gemstones, we, people, are different. Our moments are different. Our feelings are different. No matter who you are, how you feel or where you stand in your life, you are precious, your thoughts are precious, and your feelings are precious.If you don't try to hide them, If you stand tall and cherish them, no matter what… If you state your presence… You will sign the moment and shine.