Шампунь Для Сухих Волос Защита И Питание
Natura Siberica
2,950 ֏
Protection and nourishing
Rhodiola rosea and cedar milk
Cedar milk entering in shampoo formula contains large quantity of vitamin C, which actively stimulates regeneration of cells, nourishing hair from the roots.
0% SLS 0% SLES 0% mineral oils 0% PEG 0% parabens 0% Glycols
Natura Siberica - the first Russian brand of high-quality organic cosmetics. Siberia is a unique and protected region of Russia, wilderness of which has remained invariable for many centuries. In order to survive in such severe climatic conditions, Siberian herbs and plants synthesize protective active substances and have amazing antioxidant properties. Today, Natura Siberica uses the amazing properties of the Siberian herbs and plants to transfer all their power for preservation of the youth and beauty of skin and hair. All plants, on which the cosmetics are based, are collected manually. In its own laboratory, they study their unique properties, to achieve maximum effect. Also, developers of Natura Siberica cosmetics carry out research expeditions in search of the best medicinal ingredients for skin care. Products of Natura Siberica meet European quality standards of organic cosmetics, which are confirmed by numerous prestigious certificates (ICEA, ECOCERT, COSMOS STANDARD, BDIH). Natura Siberica is not just natural cosmetics or just cosmetics on herbs. This is Russia's first certified organic cosmetics and it really works. Natura Siberica leads an active social policy and helps smaller peoples of North of Russia: creates new workplaces in Siberia; since 2012 it actively cooperates with the Association of Native Peoples of the North and the Far East; in 2013 together with the Irkutsk botanic garden they have started the program, through which more than 70 thousand of rare plants will be planted in 2018. Since 2013, Natura Siberica started construction of Russia's first organic farm certified by Eu 834/0 the European bio- standard, were rare plants of Siberia will be grown. Construction of the farm is carried out together with representatives of the native peoples of Siberia, which, like no other, know the features of their unique land, as well as they help to collect all the wild herbs and plants for the production of Natura Siberica cosmetics. Natura Siberica has number of international awards, among which are: • Best brand of Cosmoprof 2012 in Bologna, Italy in the nomination of "Green cosmetics." • The best organic product for mothers and babies in 2013, London, UK, Natural & Organic products Europe. • The best product in 2013, according to Allure Russia. • The winner of Beauty Challenger Awards prize in «Best face care product» nomination at Beyond Beauty exhibition in Paris.

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