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A professional palette dedicated to eye, lip and face make-up. Contains a primer and compact eyeshadows with a silky feel, which come in matt finishes, for a deep and sophisticated look, or shiny finishes with a metallic and glitter effect for a more intense look. New textures with a holographic effect, perfect on their own for iridescent reflections or as a top coat to create exclusive blends; tinted brow waxes for perfect eyes. Lip creams with shiny finishes and glosses for ultra-radiant lips. Matt lip creams and an innovative mixing zone to coat your lips with personalised shades. Correctors and blushes for a flawless face and natural radiance. Velvet Mood, Plum-à-porter and Golden Fever: 3 versions to create your perfect make-up every day. 1 primer. 13 compact eyeshadows. 3 holographic eyeshadows. 3 eyebrow waxes. 1 double applicator for eyes and brows. 3 shiny lip creams. 1 glosses. Mixing zone: 4 matt lip creams. 4 matt lip creams to customise your colour. 4 concealers. 1 compact blush. Apply the concealer to minimise imperfections and the blush to give your complexion a radiant appearance. Use the primer, then the lightest eyeshadow in the corner, at the centre of your eye, or on the eyebrow arch, to create desirable light reflections. Use the medium shades for the mobile eyelid and the darker shades to intensify the flick of the eye and lengthen it optically. Apply the holographic eyeshadow on its own to create iridescent reflections or on top of the black to turn it into amazing colours. Use the coloured wax with the angled brush to tint and fix the eyebrows. Apply the lip cream starting from the centre of your upper lip towards the corners and then repeat on the lower lip, this time starting from the corners and working towards the centre. Choose your finish: Shiny lip cream: for vibrant colour with a vinyl effect. Matt lip cream: for a sophisticated velvet effect. Use the mixing zone to customise your colour by mixing primary colours with the matt lip creams. Apply the gloss after the lip cream, in the centre of your lips, for 3D volume. Apply it alone all over your lips to make them ultra-shiny.
PUPA is fashion make-up, treatment products for face and body, bath and after bath products, fragrances, creative beauty kits. PUPA, a woman, a thousand passions, her beauty… The PUPA woman is perfectly aware, she can choose, she’s passionate and free, but loyal at the same time. She knows what she wants, and she knows how she wants to feel.. beautiful, first of all for herself. PUPA has always been her world… today she is a grown-up woman and her brand is now ready to satisfy all her beauty needs: the most glamorous colour trends, research, innovation and guaranteed material quality, innovative formulas and exclusive patents, its excellent and unique price/quality relationship, the design and the state-of-the-art materials and lines, essences contained in exclusive, collectable objects.      -  Make-up -  Intensive Cosmetic Treatments for Face and Body -  Fragrances -  Bath and after bath lines of products -  Make-up kits Pupa brand is owned by Micys Company, an Italian firm born in 1976. It exports its products in 70 countries all over the world.

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