Nissan was established as Nihon Sangyo in the year 1928.It was renamed as Nissan, the name that was used in the Tokyo stock market in 1930. In the very beginning, when YoshisukeAikawa founded the company, it was not completely into automobiles but instead made auto parts and consisted of Tobata Casting and Hitachi. Eventually, Nissan became a huge company that held 74 firms by the time of World War II to become Japan’s fourth biggest industry. It was only in the year 1934 that DAT (the automobile company that made small cars and trucks) merged with Nissan. After the great collaboration, Nissan started making Datsuns, small cars that were a huge hit during the days of the war. Since 1937, the company’s major machinery was supplied by Graham – Paige Company, an American establishment. By 1960, Nissan was back in full control of itself and was flourishing once again. New models of cars like the Bluebird, the Cedric and the Sunny were released and they were all instant hits in Japan and other countries. For a long time after that, Nissan ruled the world of automobiles. Late 1990’s however, weren’t very good for Nissan and that’s when it decided to change things for itself by merging with Renault, the French car manufacturing company. Infiniti, the latest luxury car line that was produced by the companies together literally turned things around for Nissan. On 20th October 2016, Nissan signed a deal to take over 34% stake in Mitsubishi Motors! The Japanese automaker is to invest a whooping 237 billion yen in becoming the single largest shareholder at mitsubishi Motors. Today Nissan is the biggest automobile manufacturing company in the world only after the likes of Honda and Toyota.