Misslyn uses this slogan to combine the world of young fashion with the world of colors. Misslyn will therefore be presenting a new trend color collection every six weeks which will be adapted to the current developments in the fashion world. Eyelash styling, nail styling, and an entire world of colors. With its your beauty, your colors, your style collection, misslyn presents a new make-up concept for specialized trade in the entry-level price segment. Already enjoying a high degree of recognition, the brand has primarily been represented in department stores over the past few years, whereby the focus has been on eyelashes, eyelash styling and nail styling. This concept has now been completely revised with the result that in future, focus will be directed towards a wide range of fashionable colors regularly updated in the form of trend color collections. It goes without saying that the collection will continue to concentrate on eye-lashes, eyelash styling products as well as especially comprehensive nail varnish collections and nail styling products. Facts, facts, facts ... Cool, stylish design which particularly appeals to young, trend-conscious customers while enjoying acceptance among all age groups. An innovative color concept which picks up the newest fashion trends on a regular cycle of six weeks. High-quality products offering excellent value for money form a suitable alternative to cheap cosmetics for specialized trade. Misslyn is the only brand in this price range which is exclusively offered in perfumeries.