The name Lalique evokes the brilliance of jewellery, the wonder of transparency, and the brilliance of crystal. Before it became a brand name, it was the name of a man, an artist of genius, René-Jules Lalique and of his heirs who shared his creative flame. 1860 | BIRTH OF RENÉ LALIQUE: René Lalique was born in Aÿ-en-Champagne in the Marne region of France. Some years later, the Lalique family moved to Paris but continued to spend holidays in Aÿ. René Lalique remained deeply attached to his birthplace throughout his life. 1885 | THE FIRST PARISIAN WORKSHOP: Following the death of his father, René Lalique became an apprentice to craftsman and jeweller Louis Aucoc. It was during this time that he learned jewellery-making techniques, while attending classes at the École des Arts Décoratifs in Paris. He then left for England where he continued his studies for two more years. In 1885, after gaining recognition as an independent designer for some of the great jewellery Houses such as Jacta, Cartier and Boucheron, René Lalique took over the workshop of jeweller Jules Destape on Place Gaillon in Paris. 1907 | THE START OF A PARTNERSHIP WITH FRANÇOIS COTY: In 1905 René Lalique opened a shop at 24, Place Vendôme, where he exhibited not only his jewellery but also the glass objects crafted in his workshop at his estate in Clairefontaine, near Rambouillet. Perfumer François Coty was so impressed by René Lalique’s designs that he asked him to put his talent to work for the perfume industry. Their collaboration had begun! Their work together revolutionised the perfume industry and made it possible for the first time to offer perfumes in attractive bottles at affordable prices. From then on, Lalique worked increasingly on designs for the perfume sector, finally devoting himself entirely to more industrial techniques of glass production. 1935 was also the year in which René Lalique opened the Lalique shop at 11 Rue Royale in Paris. 1945 | DEATH OF RENÉ LALIQUE: Death of René Lalique. His son Marc took over as head of the business. He was to bring Lalique into the age of crystal. 1977 | MARIE-CLAUDE LALIQUE BECOMES HEAD OF THE BUSINESS: Marc’s daughter Marie-Claude Lalique became CEO of the company. She renewed the tradition of jewellery design and developed the fragrance business. 1992 | LAUNCH OF LALIQUE PARFUMS: The history of Lalique has always been closely linked to that of perfumery. When Marie-Claude, the grand-daughter of René Lalique, created the eponymous fragrance, "Lalique de Lalique" in 1992, her initiative was more than legitimate. Lalique Parfums has a unique signature that combines creativity in its bottle design with a quest for exceptional quality within its fragrances. 2011 | OPENING OF THE LALIQUE MUSEUM: The Lalique museum opened its doors in Wingen-sur-Moder after two years of construction. The museum houses over 650 pieces by René Lalique and his successors. The building designed by Jean-Michel Wilmotte contains a collection of jewellery, glass and modern-day crystal presented in a bright and luminous environment. 1888 - 2018 | 130 YEARS OF LALIQUE: Lalique can look back with pride on a wonderful tradition : 130 years of savoir-faire and creative excellence in the French “Art of Living”, producing timeless creations: art objects, light fixtures, furniture, jewellery, fragrances and more – all “made in France”.