Гель Для Интимной Гигиены С Ромашкой
2,900 ֏
SOOTHING CHAMOMILE FEMININE GEL WASH How to use: Wash the intimate area, applying a small amount of gel to moist skin. Rinse thoroughly.
Lirene knows how to take care of women and wants them to stay always young, beautiful and happy. Taking care of your skin with Lirene cosmetics is efficient and enjoyable -innovative complexes and products with excellent textures provide high skin care performance and satisfaction after usage. The formulas of all cosmetics were developed in Lirene Scientific Research Laboratory- place where the experts of different fields continuously search for new technologies and innovative, active ingredients to develop the cosmetics of the highest quality and safety.  Lirene offers a wide range of face and body care products that perfectly match the needs of women at different age and various skin types, as well as tonal fluids, BB and CC creams. There is also a special offer for men –  face and body care cosmetics. For over 10 years Lirene offers consumers the best modern technology of skin care. Lirene is one of the most famous Polish cosmeticsbrands but every year more and more consumers worldwide use our products. Every year Lirene receives international awards for innovation and uniqueness of products. INNOVATION, SCIENCE BASIS, PROVEN EFFECTIVENESS AND COMPETITIVE PRICE - features of the brand which define the consumer choice of Lirene cosmetics all over the world.

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