Extreme Lashes XXL Volume Mascara
Mesauda Milano
6,900 ֏
You have never seen lashes like this. Long, curved, perfectly sculpted and incredibly voluminous from roots to tips. Extreme Lashes turns every look from boring to bold in a second thanks to its maxi brush. A shocking but not aggressive effect: the special emulsion rich in amino acids deeply penetrates by nourishing the lashes and preventing them from breaking. Paraben, Fragrance and Carbon Black Free Formula. HOW TO USE: Start from the base of your lashes and comb them with zigzag movements up to the tips. Apply mascara over and over again, going from one eye to the other, until you get the volume you are looking for.
Mesauda Milano is a young and dynamic company that aims to stand out for professionalism and the ability to provide the customer always and only the best of research and innovation in the cosmetics industry at a very competitive price. It is a work that is carried on daily with passion and dedication, seeking a line capable to add class, elegance and innovation. For this reason the production process is the main prerogative of Mesauda Milano. This is why the company turns to the most specialized laboratory for every single product, maintaining almost exclusively the production line in Italy. All this for the only purpose of ensuring the final consumer a product of high quality level, matched with a choice of formulas, trendy colours and with a young, functional and attractive packaging. Mesauda Milano’s philosophy lies in the principle for which beauty is a right that must be able to combine the art of aesthetics with the health protection and the respect for the diversity, that characterizes unique traits of everyone.

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