Algorithm 40+ Radical Renewal Day Cream SPF20
Dr Irena Eris
15,400 ֏
ALGORITHM is an innovative line of anti-wrinkle cosmetic products designed for women over the age of 40, which draws on the natural wealth of the sea and the latest advances in biotechnology. Scientists from Dr Irena Eris Centre for Science and Research partnered with marine biotechnology experts from the French Research Institute to employ the incredible regeneration capacity of sea algae cultivated in Brittany in the north of France, and develop the unique Reproductive Cell Technology™ which stimulates dramatic skin regeneration and combats the signs of aging. The algorithm to dramatic rejuvenation – reproduction of skin support fibres in terms of quantity and quality. The cream is based on the breakthrough Reproductive Cell Technology™ responsible for the renewal of elastin and collagen fibres in terms of quantity and quality, which results in a dramatic improvement in properties of skin: • extraordinary improvement in skin firmness: by as much as 262%* • improvement in skin elasticity: +30%* • distinct reduction in the depth, volume and number of lines and wrinkles by 25%* The effect of 'renewal' of the skin properties is enhanced by the innovative Hydro-Lift Express System which offers multilevel moisturizing and long-lasting lifting. The system is based on hydrolyzed sea minerals and polysaccharides derived from black pearls and red algae. Recommended for the daily care of every type of mature skin, as a day cream for face and eye area. The cream is an excellent make-up base. *Results of measurements performed at the Dr Irena Eris Centre for Science and Research. Size:50ml
“We respect tradition because it is the soul of our Company, and create the future through innovation”. Dr Irena Eris and Henryk Orfinger Dr Irena Eris Cosmetic Laboratories is the most widely recognized Polish manufacturer of skin care cosmetics. The company’s image has been built over the last 30 years in a consistent and coherent manner by its founder, Dr Irena Eris, based on a holistic approach to beauty and maintaining a continuous focus on the customers’ individual needs. Dr Irena Eris Cosmetic Laboratories is the only cosmetics company in Poland with its own Centre for Science and Research where multi-disciplinary cosmetology research is conducted. All cosmetics are developed based on the company’s own and original formulas following a multi-stage testing process (in vitro, in vivo, ex vivo, dermatological and other tests). A vast range of skin care products is available under 4 distinctive brands: Dr Irena Eris (premium and professional cosmetics), Pharmaceris (pharmaceutical dermocosmetics), Lirene (cosmetics for mass consumers) and Under Twenty (skin care products for teenagers). The image of Dr Irena Eris brand is further bolstered by Dr Irena Eris Skin Care Institutes and the five-star Dr Irena Eris SPA Hotels in Krynica and Wzgórza Dylewskie. Each year, the company, its products and owners receive many prestigious awards. In 2012, Dr Irena Eris was the only Polish brand to become a European member of the renowned French luxury brands’ association Comité Colbert.

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